Overload Cargoes

Overload Cargoes

Any kinds of goods that cannot be transported with standard (dry) containers due to their size, tonnage and volume require special equipment to be supplied, as well as expertise, experience, good planning and organization skills. 

  Our Services Regarding Special Equipment Transportation 


  • Determining the equipment appropriate to the size and tonnage of the cargo to be loaded (20’/40’, open top, flat rack, platform etc.).

  • Determining the best project cost-friendly option by taking all the criteria related to shipping into consideration.

  • Making door to door delivery of goods, when necessary using low bed vehicles at both addresses, based on size, tonnage and route. Receiving road permission and using escorts.

  • Providing cranes when necessary, and organizing procedures such as stuffing, unstuffing, lashing and unlashing.

  • Preparing a canvas special to the load for out of gauge equipment.

  • Insurance.

  • Surveillance services and reporting at both addresses.